Lakers Lose to Cavs, Ease Your Pain, Download The Ron Artest’s MixTape

One of the reasons I favor the NFL over the NBA, is that every game in a 16 game season has meaning. The Packers had to go all the way to Week 17 just to make the playoffs.

With the NBA, NHL, MLB and even College Basketball there are so many games, people overreact to loses.

Yes, the Lakers lost to the Cavs, but in the whole scheme of things it is irrelevant. The only question you need to ask about the Lakers is that when the playoffs start can they flip the switch?

Remember the Celtics were a .500 team the second half of last year, picked up the intensity in the playoffs and almost won a championship.

No need to panic Laker fan, not yet at least.

To ease your pain Ron Artest is dropping his mixtape here are the details.

The Lakers lost to the Cavaliers on Wednesday night, and Ron Artest scored 1 point, had two assists, and zero rebounds in 17 minutes. Not really his best night. On the bright side, he released his All-Star Weekend mixtape on Twitter after the game.

Download the mixtape here.

Because really, what better way to get over losing to the worst team in the NBA than by dropping some hot fiya on the world? I love this game! And in case you’re curious, the mixtape features exactly who you’d expect it to: George Lopez, Nas, Ray J, Marques Houston, Game, Fat Joe, and more.

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