Lebron James Agenda at All-Star Game Includes Labor Negotiator?

When I saw the headline that Lebron James had a lot of “business” during All-Star weekend, I just assumed that meant hosting several parties and making it rain with D Wade and The Avatar Chris Bosh.

I was pleasantly surprised that Lebron at least on the surface seems to be interested in the labor negotiations that will be happening to hopefully keep the NBA running smoothly.

Here is what the King had to say.

“I’m not just going out there for the game,” James said. “I’m definitely going out there for business. I will be a part of the labor talks. Even though it’s a huge game going on Sunday, there’s a lot of business that needs to be taken care of, too.”

“I’m going to listen a lot, because it’s not like I’m there on every conversation or every phone call that they have,” James said. “I don’t know all, but as a player, as a person of this league, I know a lot about this league. If I feel like a comment needs to be said from me, I’ve never been one to hold my tongue. So I’ll definitely voice my opinion.”

James is not the Heat union representative, that is James Jones, but at least he has an interest.  To be honest the labor talks have little affect on megastars, the rank and file of the NBA are who really are effected if there is a lock out.

So I give Lebron credit for at least being aware of what is going on and letting his feelings be known.

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