Lebron James Subliminally Tweeting About Boobie Gibson..I’ll Tell You Why


The NBA is turning into the Young and the Restless.

With all this player movement, broken promises, moist behavior and tissue soft feelings, I am not sure who is running the NBA Victor Newman or Davis Stern.

This isn’t as good as Rihanna delievering the ether to Ciara, but here is what is going on with the King of the Receding Hairlines and Boobie “I can’t play because my R&B girlfriend is nude on MediaTakeOut” Gibson.


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Boobie I assumed felt like he had to puff out his chest a bit, since everyone has seen his ladies “Boobies”,  had this to say last night while out at a club where Lebron’s DJ (I was thinking same thing, Lebron has his own DJ) was spinning, for full disclosure he is also the Cavs DJ.

“I’m the New King…. And Keyshia is the Queen of Cleveland”

Lebron caught wind of this and decided to counter via twitter.

“I wake up this morning to hear somebody got real fly at the mouth at their party lastnight. I see where we stand now even though I sense it!”


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I don’t know how many times I have to say this but Cleveland (fans, players and management) need to get off Lebron …….. (family site can’t say what I really want).

He is gone and he isn’t coming back, just get over it.

Boobie Gibson isn’t the King of anything, he is Kevin Ferderline to Keyshia Cole, Brittney Spears.  If he wasn’t engaged to Cole, no one would even let him touch a microphone.  Mo Williams has a higher profile than him.

I am not going to get on Lebron too much, because for the most part it is always people coming at him and that can be annoying after awhile, but remember my motto, don’t subliminally tweet, say their name especially in this case, because he is right.  He is still adding fuel to the fire by acknowledging it, should just ignore it.

Can’t wait to see how Jack Abbott handles this.


  1. Nobody cares about Lebron in Cleveland anymore. Why do you keep writing this BS. LeBron is the one who keeps the fire going about things happening in Cleveland, remember his karma tweet. I enjoy your post and think it's good entertainment, just report the facts.

  2. While others go at him, lbj doesn't help matters by fueling the fire with his "tweets". The bobbie thing wasn't worth responding to-lbj is on a new journey-he needs 2 move on when others can't or won't

  3. Damn, Robert while u tell everyone they need to get off of Bron Bron, that mean u too, get off dude's ####, Are u on Bron Bron's payroll now? He doesn't need u to fall on sword for him. Damn.

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