Lil Wayne Cool With Lebron James Now

If you recall, Lil Wayne was salty that Lebron and D Wade didn’t acknowledge him in the crowd (Lil Wayne Mad at Lebron James & D Wade: “They Ignore Me During Games”).

It appears according to Larry Brown Sports that Weezy and The King of the Receding Hairline have kissed and made up.

LeBron James apparently gave Weezy a head nod during the Heat-Pacers game on Tuesday night. Asked after the game if their beef was squashed, LeBron played coy saying “I don’t know. That’s a question you gotta ask him. We just, for all the fans that come watch us play… we just try to do our job and win ball games.”

Dwyane Wade was apparently surprised to hear that LeBron had acknowledged the rapper, asking LeBron “you did?” when he heard about the incident after the game. As for Lil Wayne’, he told NBC Miami he was satisfied with the nod.

I am not sure why Lil Wayne was so upset because “Real G’s move in silence like Lasagna” right? So Lebron not acknowledging him should be considered a sign of respect (no really).

Chuckling at D Wade’s comment.

2 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Cool With Lebron James Now

  • LOL…good ending. Wayne came across pretty thirsty on this one!

  • Well all is right in the universe again…Lil Wayne got his acknowledgement from LeBron….whew…I was really gettin worried…God forbid the "king" of Cashmoney does not get his props…LOL

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