Mo Williams Traded from Cavs To Clippers For Baron Davis

It has been a tough few months for Mo Williams.

His basketball boyfriend Lebron James left him for hotter eye candy and didn’t even bother to leave him a Dear John letter. He cried about this on twitter, interviews and to Lebron after he cornered him in an airport.

Then Lebron took the Cavs cornbread, the losing streak followed and you had to wonder about Williams’ mental state.

Things are looking up though as Moist Mo will be taking his talents to LA.

Clippers have agreed in principle to acquire guards Mo Williams and Jamario Moon from Cleveland for guard Baron Davis and a 2011 1st round pick (Clippers pick), sources tells Y! Sports.

Mo moves from Cleveland to Hollywood to throw Alley-Oops to Blake Griffin, who cares if Clippers are an average team anywhere is better than Cleveland, plus it is Cali, that is a win-win.

As for Baron Davis consider this karma for starting every year grossly out of shape and playing when he wants to. I am sure he is going to love playing for the Cavs.

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