Mugshot: Former Ram Claude Terrell Arrested on Valentine’s Day Rape

I wonder how often this happens on Valentine’s day?

Terrell has a history of violence and abuse against women and honestly he should have already been in jail, but of course in our twisted justice system he has been allowed to roam the streets.

Here are the details:

A former Rams player is accused of beating and forcing sex on a woman in Texas.

Prosecutors in Texas say Claude Terrell also held the woman at gunpoint for seven hours. Police described the event as, “a day full of terror and torment.”

Terrell was arrested in November on charges of assaulting the same woman.

Four years ago, the Rams cut Terrell in October 2007 after he was arrested for assaulting his wife.

He was a decent player until he decided to start beating and raping women.

Luckily no one has been killed.  He needs to be thrown under the jail and never let out, he is obviously a danger to society and if let out he is only going to attack again.

4 thoughts on “Mugshot: Former Ram Claude Terrell Arrested on Valentine’s Day Rape

  • People like that should not be walking around!

  • If and when he goes to prision he'll go from being the rapist to being the rapee……well you know what I mean….don't drop the soap Claude…..

  • They ought to take him down south and find a big tree with a high up sturdy branch and hang 'em high.

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