Mugshot: Rams Scout Luke Driscoll Arrested for Public Nudity at NFL Combine


Whatever Driscoll was drinking, I would advise other at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis to say away from.

Definitely stay away from that bar.

Luke Driscoll, 33, was arrested early Friday morning for urinating on a building in downtown Indy.

Police say he also exposed himself to a female officer. His speech was reportedly “very slurred” at the time. Driscoll is charged with public nudity and intoxication.

Rams might just want to throw away Driscoll’s evaluations for the week. Little known fact is that the combine besides looking for the next great NFL player is also an excuse for NFL executives, employees and media to hit Happy Hour.

And hit it HARD!!!

Most can handle it, while others like Driscoll act in a way that if he was a player his draft stock would be falling fast.


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