OJ Simpson Beat Up in Prison Over Bragging About Conquest of White Women

I will always believe that OJ Simpson is the dumbest individual on the planet.

Regardless if you think he got away with murder or not, the facts are that rarely does a black man is found innocent of murdering a white woman, when it appears he is the only suspect and all the evidence is against him.

It is the equalivent to finding a unicorn in your backyard.

As soon as that jury said “not guilty” I would have left the country or moved to some small quiet city, not spoke to anyone and just played golf and watched the Young and the Restless until I died.

But not OJ, he continually kept doing things that made you think that he maybe mentally retarded.  It finally caught up to him when for some reason he thought he could bust into a Vegas hotel of all places with “goons” to get back some jerseys.

Regardless if he was in the right or wrong getting his stuff back, the legal system was just looking for a reason to get him in jail and he gave them one.

Haven’t really heard much about him in awhile, but this National Enquirer report claims that his prison stay isn’t necessarily going like Martha Stewart.

O.J. Simpson was beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Inmates cheered as a muscular young skinhead knocked him to the ground, punching and kicking him to a bloody pulp and inflicting injuries so severe he secretly spent nearly three weeks in the infirmary before he recovered. The humiliating beating left 63-year-old Simpson in agony – and threw him into a spiral of depression so deep that he’s now afraid to venture out of his cell, divulge sources.

Unknown to the former NFL star, The Juice has been a marked man behind bars ever since white supremacists overheard him brag about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women.

It is the National Enquirer so take the report with a grain of salt, but seeing that is OJ, I would not be shocked if it is true.

OJ has at least six more years, before he can be released.  Might want to keep those sexual conquest stories to himself.


OJ’s lawyer (how can he even afford one) says the entire story isn’t true, who do you believe?

31 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Beat Up in Prison Over Bragging About Conquest of White Women

  • the mind does boggle from time to time, and with oj… frequently.

    still nothin compaired to what ronald goldman got for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • You just assume he did that, he was found not guilty so leave it at that.

      • He was found innocent but stayed stuck on stupid and now he is spending what should be his golden years behind bars over some shirts & stuff. He is only one of our men that grow up make it big and loose it bcuz of demons within. I hope he finds peace and makes it out of there but its not looking good. And I dont celebrate his suffering one bit. But also understand that what you so sow you will reap 🙁

    • More than the wrong place – with the wrong woman. CHEATING can get you killed. And thats not an OJ thing nor do I support that extreme action. BUT CHEATING is not a mistake its should be a crime.May they rest in peace -but we should all be warned about who you mess around with. Never know who just might snap. As 4 OJ stop doing crimes if you cant do the time – HARD!!!

      • Tanja, You are so right! CHEATING SHOULD BE A CRIME. I have heard that the beating is true by someone close to the source. Seems like he would know not to brag about things while being locked up.

  • Ahh good ole OJ, Fuck him

    • Lets pray you never have to go to jail, someone is going to say fu-k you.

      • That's the key STAY OUT! Or else u can/will get f'd UP!

  • Good ol' OJ. He goes from bragging about his sexual conquests to being a sexual conquest behind bars. It couldn't happen to a nicer double-murderer.

    • Let hope it doesn't happen to you.

      • helen,, u r a nappy headed ho

        • WOW! Did u REALLY have to go there? People like you take for granted that this is the internet so you can say whatever you want: Well Mr. you betta hope that "nappy headed hoe" dont FUCK U UP! thats the problem some white folks have – they think they can do and say what they want. OJ isnt the only one who got off for a crime – YAWL BEEN DOIN IT ALL THE TIME!!! Keep it clean cuz u dont live in a cyber bubble- that person didnt degrade you or call u out of your name. Just ignorant – and call me whatever you want .Let me help you an "ABSOLUTE BITCH" who care less what you say but stop thinking you can piss off the wrong nappy headed ho and SNAP just like that you being attacked – Just keep it clean MR. WHITEMAN

          • I’m white dude and they granted me no bail for two days for a dui and pot possession. I guarantee that doesnt happen to every member of the black race. I’m not starting an argument but be realistic skin color isnt a factor.

  • I can't believe the Blacks in that jail or Hispanics let those crackers beat up on OJ like that.

    • Right on, Helen. Inciting a race war is simply the right thing to do. The more hate, the better.

      You're about as sharp as a marble.

      • OJ pissed even some of the black men off too thats the only way it happened. AND no one cared anymore about HIS money,past fame, or age. He betta learn where he is or he may not make it out. There are some black men who hate men braggin about beein w/a white woman and OJ just needs to keep his mouth shut and stay in his cell – prayin he make it out but I dont like how he has lived.

    • whos the nappy headed ho with the tatoos?

  • Hey Helen.. why don't you just go on up there and have a conjugal visit with the Juice if you think he so innocent? You crazy.

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