Pics: Aurora Oliveira an Italian Escort Exposes Soccer Players

In the states we have our Kat Stacks, Candy Deepthroat, random twitter models, groupies, Tigerstyle ladies and anyone who hooks up with Charlie Sheen to expose athletes, entertainers and musicians.

Not surprisingly in other parts of the country they have their own versions like Miss Aurora Oliveira, who decided to dish some dirt on some Italian Soccer players.  The Big Lead has all the scandalous details.

Aurora Oliveira is a well-known escort in Italy, and recently went on a TV show to reveal some “secrets” about Italian soccer players. Kickette has collected her revelations:

* She’s slept with many Serie A players, even some from the National team

* A lot of her hook-ups with soccer players took place “a day or so before big games”

* This one may resonate: “all of her conquests were with ‘ballers who were (and still are, for the time being) married with children”

I don’t know if I would consider these revelations, sounds about normal to me. Then again I know of things that would make Jerry Springer raise a “rock eyebrow”, but I digress.

3 thoughts on “Pics: Aurora Oliveira an Italian Escort Exposes Soccer Players

  • Say it loud…I'm a ho and I'm proud……..Ms Aurora is making sure the soccer players are "stress free" before games….nothing wrong with that..she's doing her country a great service….

  • she looks very talented

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