Pics: Briana Baisden Revealed As Alabama’s Fax Booty Short Girl


On National Signing Day, the University of Alabama had a live stream of the faxes coming in from recruits.

A pretty young lady’s backside was shown picking up one of the faxes and of course in 2011 that became an internet sensation.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but in the immortal words of Paul Wall:

“She had the internet going nuts”

The SEC Commissioner was not pleased:

SEC spokesman Charles Bloom says league Commissioner Mike Slive “felt it was inappropriate” and called Crimson Tide athletic director Mal Moore Thursday morning. Bloom says an SEC school called the commissioner, but wouldn’t identify the university.

I didn’t think it warranted a statement from the Commish, but everything is overblown these days. Our friend Sports By Brooks, tracked down the identity of the young lady. Here name is Briana Baisden and she is a cutie.

Hope the unwanted attention doesn’t cause her any stress, it isn’t that serious. Here are a few more pics:


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