Pics: Tiger Woods India Mattress Ad..Dreams of Ladies in Thongs


I am going to go out on a limb and say that Tiger didn’t approve of this, but since it is out there lets break it down.

It’s for Shivam handloom deep sleep mattresses. Ad agency: McCann, Mumbai. I’m disappointed that Tiger’s dozing harem is made up of generically-drawn hussies. Nice thong.

I am going to give them credit for a couple of things. First there are no black women in Tiger’s dream, so we know even in India they do their research.

Whoever decided to put the knocked out cameraman in the dream sequence, should get a raise. It is subtle things like that, that turn something ho-hum into art.

Considering that a lot of the Tigerstyle ladies claimed that Mr. Woods thought Trojans were only at USC and not Walgreens, I don’t know if I want any mattress he endorses, but I digress.


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