Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage, Kris Humphries Thinks It’s “Cute”


You know how I talk about “media protection” or “ring protection” in regards to how some athletes are perceived in the media and with fans?

Prince has some sort of protection, I am assuming it is the “musical genius” protection (the same type that allows us to still listen to R Kelly), but you have to be really talented to be 4’9″, where a gold glimmer suit with high heels and still have every woman in the stadium ready to take her clothes of for you.

Everyone by now has heard what happened between the Prince and Kim Kardashian, but here is the recap, along with some comments from the Nets’ Kris Humphries.

The Purple One ushered the “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” star onstage Monday night — despite joking that she “might be too sexy” – but was unimpressed when she started “shaking.”

“I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!” she tweeted after simply standing onstage, shaking her head and clapping as Prince cut a rug around her.

“Get off the stage!” he scolded, grabbing the 30-year-old star’s wrist and pointing her to the stairs, and she threw up her arms in rejection and left.

Her boyfriend, Kris Humphries, who was also at the show Monday night, didn’t appear to mind her nerves. He gushed about his “gorgeous” girlfriend getting “shy on stage.”

“Kimmy got nervous,” the New Jersey Nets player tweeted. “So cute though.”

Prince got a little “Money Mike” in him and I mean that literally and figuratively.

Humphries is sounding more and more like Reggie Bush with each passing minute. He is obviously under the Kardashian spell even though Kimmy doesn’t acknowledge him as the “boyfriend”, just more of the “boy toy”.

Kimmy later said that Prince allowed her back on stage to get her two step on, Humphries stayed in his seat.


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  1. Daaaaaaaamn. That's super incredible pimp game right there!! I bet every women melted (pg-13 site) when they saw kimmy getting kicked off stage. In fact, Kimmy probally kicked down prince's hotel door, honored to get on her knees and worship prince (pg-13 site). Poor Kris Humphries waited in his room alone thinking that his girl was "signing autographs outside". Well she was signing autographs….without a pen.

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