Reggie Miller Doesn’t Make NBA Hall of Fame Finalists

Good to know that the NBA Hall of Fame process is as screwed up as the NFL Hall of Fame one.

Reggie Miller and Cris Carter should form a support group.  Reggie Miller is a Hall of Famer.  He will never be mentioned as one of the greatest players of all time, but his contributions to the game should at least be worthy enough to be a finalist.

Here are the details:

In a stunning result that likely will raise questions about the enshrinement process for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Indiana Pacers star guard Reggie Miller failed to make the list of finalists for the 2011 induction class, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Miller was considered this year’s most heralded nominee, but apparently did not receive the necessary votes to become a finalist in his first year of eligibility. The list of finalists will be officially announced Friday.

Sounds like there is something personal bubbling behind the scenes. Even if you want to debate his Hall of Fame worthiness, to suggest he wasn’t even good enough to be consider, is a travesty.

I think both the NFL and NBA Hall of Fame votes should Fade to Turkey with Allen Iverson. There needs to be people on the panel who can put their personal biases aside and vote for the best players.

3 thoughts on “Reggie Miller Doesn’t Make NBA Hall of Fame Finalists

  • It's the Basketball Hall of Fame not NBA Hall of Fame.

  • if Reggie go to the hall of fame Robert Horry should to!

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