Rhonda Patterson, Antonio Cromartie’s Baby Momma Writes Tell-All Book

Here is the thing about Antonio Cromartie, we know that in the past he like to get his break lamps on. We know for a while he wasn’t aware of the condom brand “Trojan”. We know that he liked to sample a lot from the female buffet and that because of that he has a baseball team full of kids.

That has been established and acknowledge that he wasn’t nicest guy in regards to dealing with women.

As I have said many times, while there is still a time and place from a Cromartie’s kids joke, you have to give him credit for a few things.

He isn’t running from the responsibility of taking care of the kids. Even with all his child support and paternity cases he stepped up like a man and figured it out.

Secondly in the present day he seems to have mature to the point he is married and living a more traditional family life. The women of Cromartie’s past like to blame him, but they were complicit in his reckless lifestyle. At any time they could have demanded he used protection or been on protection themselves.

If I know a person is treating me like crap and I continue to allow it who is really to blame?

They aren’t idiots they knew Cromartie was getting groove on with other ladies and they simply ignored it.

The point is you can’t just put all the blame on Cromartie especially when some of these ladies like Rhonda Patterson appear to want to capitalized off something in reality is sad when you think about it.

She is writing a tell-all book and here are a few things she had to say.

“Love, Intercepted: A Tale of Football, Falling and Failing in Love” is her account of their on-and-off relationship, but Patterson never uses Cromartie’s name, referring to him only as “he.”

“It goes nameless because the story is bigger than him,” Patterson told The Post. “This is not a book to bash him. It’s meant to help women avoid making the same mistakes I did.”

She doesn’t blame Cromartie, noting he was raised poor by a single mom — a “less-than-ideal environment to learn how to be a man.”

In a romance that started on Facebook in 2005, she says, Cromartie lacked conversational skills, but communicated between the sheets.

Patterson writes that she was bombarded with reports of his seductions and affairs — “rumors of more babies on the way, STDs, and secret trips.”

Once, she snooped in his room. “I came across other women’s jewelry, greeting cards he’d received from other lovers, and sex paraphernalia that we had never used. I was furious.”

Despite her doubts, when Cromartie proposed, she said yes. A week later, she found out she was pregnant. He already had four other kids.

She details how he canceled their 2008 wedding in Atlanta, nine days before she was to walk the aisle as the singer Fantasia performed her single “I Believe.”

He later kicked her out of his San Diego home, and she gave birth in Charlotte, NC. “I was amazed,” she said. “He couldn’t pick up the phone to check on me.”

Cromartie was busy. He fathered two more kids out of wedlock, married model Terricka Cason, and had his ninth.

The story itself is awful, if you take her at her word. I don’t think she lying, I think Cromartie just didn’t know how to juggle his women correctly and when it came down to make a choice he chose someone else.

Which is his right as an American, but still he didn’t handle things the best way.

In the end when all the drama, books, tweets and foolishness is over the only thing that matters is Cromartie’s nine kids and how this all is going to affect their lives.

The responsibility falls on Cromartie, the mothers of his children and his wife to keep things centered and focused on what is most important. Not the celebrity or the 15 minutes of fame, but their children.

So they all get a Smarten Up Nas.

5 thoughts on “Rhonda Patterson, Antonio Cromartie’s Baby Momma Writes Tell-All Book

  • I blame her. This broad is a corporate lawyer. Obviously, she has some measure of intelligence, but not enough to do a simple google search and see that this man has a long and unsavior history with women (plural). Then went ahead and ignored the feelings of her own instinct and had sex with a person who has no idea what a condom was. She knew exactly what she was doing. I guess she thought that SHE was the one to finally make him change. LOL. Then she got the nerve to put up a book. I'm sorry, I'm not taking advise or buying a book from a hoe that's not smart enough not to fall for the ookie doke of an on his way out football who too scared to tackle people. Nope, Nah ah, not buying it. i can't feel sorry or support stupid people…it would just encourage them to breed.

  • Love is Blind and people make dumb decision !!

    thats doesnt mean shes was trying to change him man can be manipulative, I might buy the book if I see it on the book store you can learn something from eveyone

  • no ones perfect

  • I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am no longer positive whether this put up is written through him as nobody else recognise such unique approximately my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

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