Rumor: Jon Gruden to Replace Andy Reid as Eagles Head Coach

Let me be perfectly clear this is a RUMOR.

There only reason I am posting this is because Ashley Zavala of the NBC affiliate KOMU-TV which I would consider a legit news source is putting it out there.

Then you have former Eagles and current Broncos Fullback Kyle Eckel saying this on his facebook account.

Inside word. John Gruden is in Philadelphia right now shacked up in a hotel getting ready for something. My guess is he’s not about to join the Flyers’ coaching staff. New Eagles head coach? Looking like it.

Remember everyone has sources, doesn’t mean they are good or bad ones. Logically it makes some sense, but there has been no indication that Andy Reid wanted to step down or he was in danger of being let go.

With Twitter, either it is spot on or they have killed a celebrity who is chilling watching Glee. You can say it is the gift and the curse of this new age media.

Stranger things have happened, so I wouldn’t dismiss it, but until more information starts to leak take it with a grain of salt.

H/T @Brotha2ThaNite

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  • WOW! I hope Vick goes with him,,,,a good day after all…..I hope

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