Shaq and Hoopz Get a Reality Show

Our friend at has all the details, so check it out if you are interested.

You aren’t surprised are you?

Shaq is coming to the end of his career, Hoopz made her name on Flavor of Love and a myriad of shows similar to that, so it is only natural two attention hogs get a reality show together.

I might actually watch this one, because Shaq is entertaining and I think Hoopz is beautiful even though she is well, you know.

If you don’t know, just use your imagination.  With that being said for some reason I think there is a little more substance to this relationship than meets the eye.  Either that or I am being overly romantic in my thoughts today.

Here are some of the details behind the reality show and some pics of the lovely Hoopz.

The reality show will have cameras following Hoopz life in the suburbs and her foray into the athletic-training business. She wants to become a guru for women’s health and self-defense.

She’s already meeting with her production team and concocting episodes. She’ll be able to offer plenty of good reality, between the glittery events she and Shaq attend, their suburban life in Sudbury, their penchant for playing games and just goofing around.

4 thoughts on “Shaq and Hoopz Get a Reality Show

  • Well it's all good as long as Shaq doesn't marry the b***…..just have fun doing all that stupid a** reality TV bulls***……and also I guess he's tappin dat a** too…good for him

    • wow!!!! hoops girl everyone is haten on your new found relationship. dang girl you doing your thing. If you don’t have at least one hater in life, then your not doing your job. Opposites attract and so what they’re dating. You never know how this man feels about his relationship with his ex-wife or what was exactly going on in the home. Who says Shawnnie was so perfect for him. Yes they have children but sometimes things have to come to an end. People are calling this woman bitches and gold diggers. So what she got her fame on Flav’s show AND!!! Hell everyone has to start from somewhere dang people get a grip. Reality tv is pooping big time. i will watch the show whenever it airs. GO SHAQ AND HOOPS!!!!! Just don’t have any kids yet lol.

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