Shawn Kemp Not Impressed With Blake Griffin “Car Dunk”

There was a time when Shawn Kemp was considered the best dunker in the NBA, even though he never won a dunk contest.  He shares the opinion of many that while the 2011 Dunk contest had much better “presentation” than in years past, the winning dunk wasn’t that impressive.

Here are his comments.

“I’m a big Blake Griffin fan, but that dunk at the contest might’ve been the weakest dunk in the dunk contest that I’ve seen in a long time,” Kemp said. “I love the choir and all that stuff was great, but you at least gotta jump over the car though right.”

“I’m 41 years old and right now I could do it. Two Smart Cars,” he said.

I highly doubt that Kemp could dunk over a hot plate right now considering the amount of weight he has put on. I don’t think the dunk contest was weak, I think it was a bit more flash than substance, sort of like your current favorite rapper or R&B singer.

You definitely need the proper mix, you don’t want to lose the presentation, but the best dunks should determine the winner, not the person with the biggest name.

Here are some of the best dunks by the Reign Man.

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