Shots Fired At Teen Super Bowl Party..Blames Steelers for Shooting

Per Wikipedia, Cause and effect refers to the philosophical concept of causality, in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event.

A teenager threw a Super Bowl party were shockingly underage kids were drinking (don’t ask me where the parents were at, probably drinking with them).

At some point someone goes Boyz N Da Hood and shots are fired. The teen has an interesting theory on why that happened.

The juvenile who threw the party at his Creedmore Avenue home on Feb. 6 told Channel 11 News alcohol was being consumed at the party, but that it shouldn’t have been there.

He said an uninvited 16-year-old showed up, which prompted an argument and fighting on the porch of the home. That’s when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired a shot, causing others to flee the scene, police said.

If only the Steelers had won, none of this probably would have happened,” said the teen who threw the party

In theory he is probably right, with that being said I guess he is just going to ignore all of the other stuff that lead up to this happening.

Once again where are the PARENTS?

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  • my parents were at my grams an were just some dedicated fans who got mad i guess

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