The T.O. Show Returns for a 3rd Season

Even though many have joked about the T.O. Show having bad ratings, it makes a return for a 3rd season. I watched the 1st season, didn’t see one episode of the 2nd season and unless something changes I don’t think I will be watching the 3rd season.

Nothing personal, but it is so staged, it is hard to watch and think anything of interest is happening.

Here are the details.

The T.O. Show” returns for a third season and his reality show is about to get more real than ever. Terrell is once again a player without a team and a man without a woman. Everyone seems to think that Terrell’s football career is over, but in his own mind he knows that he’s got at least one more great season in him. A year, however, is not a lot of time and faced with the uncertainty of life without football, Terrell realizes that he needs to get his entrepreneurial game on. “The T.O. Show” season 3 premiere is scheduled for the summer of 2011.

T.O. will be taking his reality show talents to South Beach (because that is where everyone is going to shoot their reality shows these days).

The bigger question is if Owens will be playing in the NFL next year. Last year only one team bailed him out and that was the Bengals. Before he got hurt, he did prove he has something left in the tank, but has he burned too many bridges?

That is the real “REALITY SHOW”.

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  • Let's see..who's in the market for a big mouth veteran receiver with about 1 or 2 years playing time left????? Guess we'll see…….personally I think T.O. will have an easier time finding a woman….

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