Utah Jazz Head Coach Jerry Sloan To Resign


This is Jerry Sloan’s 20th year as Utah Jazz head coach and it doesn’t appear he is going to finish it.

Here are the details:

KSL has learned that Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and assistant coach Phil Johnson will resign at a press conference later Thursday.

The news comes after the Jazz lost to Chicago in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, where former Jazz players Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer helped the Bulls escape Utah with a 91-86 win.

The Hall of Famer, who usually talks to reporters about 10 minutes after the final buzzer, had been in a discussion with general manager Kevin O’Connor.

Call me crazy, but I am going to assume that discussion didn’t go to well.  No word on who will be replacing Sloan.


  1. Tyrone Corbin is the coach. I remember seeing Corbin play on TV when I was a young. And I had one of the those big ole floor models boxed in wood that weigh about a trillion pounds. When his ass used to come on the screen, I would have to turn toggle the color, tint & contrast this man was so black. I used to believe they practiced in an open field in Utah. Where their were no trees or shade. And the Sun beamed directly on him and only him. Kinda like the grey cloud that downpoured on Daffy Duck in the cartoon from back in the day.

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