Video: Blake Griffin Jumps Over Kia & Arm in Rim Dunks

Nothing against Blake Griffin, but the hype machine was so strong that as long as he didn’t embarrass himself he was going to win.

The Kia dunk and the arm in rim ala Vince Carter throw down, very nice in presentation but similar to the Kim Kardashian sex tape failed to live up to expectations.

It did make the competition interesting and it was very funny that TNT almost missed the dunk because they were concentrating on the choir.

Javelle McGee had more creative and harder dunks, but he isn’t a star and that is why he is not holding the trophy.

Off topic that Kia is kind of nice, if they are looking for some sports bloggers to test drive, feel free to hit me up.

One thought on “Video: Blake Griffin Jumps Over Kia & Arm in Rim Dunks

  • I agree. McGee had a few creative dunks and didn't seem to receive much feedback or credit for the effort he put up. Not saying Blake Griffin didn't do good, but he did basic dunks, besides the car scenario. The trophy was based on a name and Blake Griffin's just so happens to be popular right now

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