Video: Chris Bosh With Greatest NBA Flop of All Time


Avatar Bosh had a rough night against the Bulls.

He went 1-18 from the field, was abused by Carlos Boozer on defensive end and beat up and harassed on the offensive end by Joakim Noah.  Remember Lebron and D Wade can only do so much.

The reason some people thought the Heat would be a dynasty was because of the Big 3, if it becomes the Big 2 and a half, the Heat will have a problems short and long term.

Avatar Bosh has played well this season, but everyone is curious how he will handle the flashy lights of the playoffs.  Wade has a ring and Lebron has played in a ton of playoffs games including a Finals appearance, Bosh is the unproven one.

Flopping like this isn’t going to help his street credibility. Even D Wade is looking like “C’mon Son”.

While he was great in Avatar and as one of those Skeleton soldiers in the Mummy, he needs to leave the acting to professionals like Manu Ginobili.


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