Video: Dwight Howard Mocks Lebron James Chalk Toss & Photoshoot

The key thing when mocking someone especially an athlete, is you better make sure you can keep them in check or you just end up looking foolish.

Dwight Howard won the first battle of professional ether against Lebron James, but then the King of Receding Hairlines dropped.

51, 11 & 8

He threw in a block and a steal just to let you know who was the man.

Howard won the battle, but Lebron won the war. He took the Magic’s cornbread and their Mickey Mouse ears. Doesn’t matter if it is D Wade’s town or team, the Heat will only go as far Lebron takes them.

If you haven’t figured that out by now you haven’t been paying attention.

3 thoughts on “Video: Dwight Howard Mocks Lebron James Chalk Toss & Photoshoot

  • If you're Dwight Coward, before you make fun of LeBron, you gotta make sure that your team can back you up, and you gotta stop been a one dimensional player, and learn to shoot free throws. LeBron is gonna bring his A+ game every time the heat play Dwight Coward and the Magics. Last night was a display of who is the top dog in the league is. The heat aren't going the ship this year, because my Celtics will,but watch out for the next few years. LeBron is the man.

  • Too funny, talk about things backfiring in your face. Id like to thank Dwight and ask him to please make a total ass out of himself so Lebron can keep dropping 51 point bombs on his punk azz and the Heat hold him to 1 point in the second half.

    Tip for Dwight, unless you can back it up, keep your mouth shut. Just because your upper management talk crap dont mean you should follow. Last night should tell you that.

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