Video: Lebron James No Look Pass Against the Knicks


While a few of us were still oggling at Scarlett Johansson see through dress at the Oscar, Lebron pulled out this nugget in the opening moments of the Heat vs. Knicks.

And since I am Lebron’s payroll (as I have been told, still nothing in the paypal) thought you guys might want to take a look.

The fact that Erick Dampier is the Heat’s starting center maybe more amazing that the pass itself. Most of the Heat fans missed the play because they are just now arriving to the Arena.

Check out the left handed alley opp from D Wade as a sidepiece video.

In the end Lebron had two opportunities to win the game (and then tie the game), he failed both times. It is clear for now that he is the Heat’s “closer” for better or for worse.


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