Video: Penny Hardaway Game Winning Shot for Rec League J&L Express

I had this big fear in my early to mid 20s that I wouldn’t live up to my potential.  It is a scary thought to know you have talent and are destine for bigger things, but for whatever the reason fall a little short.

Sometimes it is our own doing that derails us and sometimes it is things that aren’t in our control.

Penny Hardaway was really good.  All NBA players are talented, but few are special.  The special ones stand out, Penny had that quality.  Unfortunately, right when he should have been hitting his peak, like many before him injuries cause us to wonder what might have been.

Anything that you have a passion for, even if you can’t do it at a high level, you want to participate in.

So I am not surprised Penny is playing ball with Joe the Plumber in a rec league.  He is a basketball player, they ball.  He seems in good spirits after he knocks down the game winner.

Just makes you wonder what could have been if he had stayed healthy.

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