Video: Shanel Cooper Sykes of Stilettos In The Kitchen…”Let Men Cheat”

Shanel Cooper Sykes bring two things to the table that will guarantee she will always been close to the top of my female draft board.

1- She cooks

2- She cooks in Stilettos

What more could any man ask for?

You should check out her site, the videos are very informative especially the “Turkey Sandwich” one.  You may asked what does any of this has to do with sports.

Nothing directly, but this particular video about men and our hunting ways, I think is important for all women to watch and especially for women who are dealing with professional athletes.

As a hunter men are looking for prey, some of us have a lot of deer available to jump at, some have to settle a rabbit stew, the point is we are always looking to pounce.

Mrs. Sykes seems to understand this, just food for thought.

*Did you see what I did there?*

6 thoughts on “Video: Shanel Cooper Sykes of Stilettos In The Kitchen…”Let Men Cheat”

  • Wow…might have to buy that cook book…she's hott

  • This woman clueless and getting and keeping a good "MAN" is not that difficult. And I'm tired of women being so focused on "getting the man". He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing…..

    It ain't that serious ladies when you Love/Like you First.

    And I KNOW been married 15 yrs and as much as I LOVE and Respect him……He was not hard to get neither were my suitors (sp?) before him and if he leaves/cheats it is on to the next,,,,,If I feel like it.

    But I will say basic nurturing and support for your man is necessary…..He has to feel like a King (but I WON'T MAKE HIM MY LIFE). And I mean this with all humility (which is another trait you need). It ain't that Hard.

    • yeah well been married 18 years and gettin the hell out…'s a wrap….f** the bulls****……just sayin

  • And here reasoning is why STDs are on the rampage. People period are self interested creatures. Humans are built to fulfill needs and the exceed those needs because we're greedy. Some are wiser in controlling their appetites better. What I see from this chick is, that she's been cheated on so many times that she developed some faulty reasoning based upon her experience and her "research." Therefore, she's okay with it. I used to be that same person. Like my father says, "when a man really wants something, he will not allow any thing to interfere with him obtaining it and will not allow anything to destroy it." I have had plenty of male friends say to me that they will be monogamous when they are ready to be monogamous. They have no reason to lie to me about that fact considering I could careless if they are or aren't. Being in a committed relationship requires a certain level of discipline and maturity, among other things. In short, this chic needs to get on a detox plan because she's full of shyt.

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