Video: Shanel Cooper Sykes of Stilettos In The Kitchen…”Let Men Cheat”


Shanel Cooper Sykes bring two things to the table that will guarantee she will always been close to the top of my female draft board.

1- She cooks

2- She cooks in Stilettos

What more could any man ask for?

You should check out her site, the videos are very informative especially the “Turkey Sandwich” one.  You may asked what does any of this has to do with sports.

Nothing directly, but this particular video about men and our hunting ways, I think is important for all women to watch and especially for women who are dealing with professional athletes.

As a hunter men are looking for prey, some of us have a lot of deer available to jump at, some have to settle a rabbit stew, the point is we are always looking to pounce.

Mrs. Sykes seems to understand this, just food for thought.

*Did you see what I did there?*


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