Vikings Bryant McKinnie Drops 100k on Liquor at All Star Party..Sparks Debate

I have a good friend who is now retired from the NFL.  One day we were talking about about the difference between having money and living check to check.

He used McDonald’s as an example.

He said when a regular working class guy goes to McDonald’s, he might spend $20 on himself and family.  He said when you have money, you go to the McDonald’s and you are with your crew, you might spend $150 on everyone’s lunch.

It’s all relative to the income you are generating.

If you are Tiger Woods, a 100k tab is like a $100 tab to your 9-5 worker.  Before I share the rest of the wisdom he shared with me, read this story about Vikings OT Bryant McKinnie.

Minnesota Vikings superstar Bryant McKinnie was the ULTIMATE baller during a celebrity party at a Hollywood nightclub Thursday night — dropping more than $100,000 on his bar tab … TMZ has learned.

Sources at the NBA All-Star “Kick Off Party” at MyHouse nightclub — hosted by rapper Rick Ross and model Rosa Acosta — tell us the 6’8″, 335 lb lineman ordered more than 15 bottles of expensive champagne … among other things.

We’re told some of the bottles of champagne were so big — the entire club stopped to watch the wait staff bring them to Bryant’s area to crack ’em open.

I don’t think it is anyone’s place to tell someone how to spend their money, that is their decision, so if McKinnie wants to make it rain on Rosa Acosta more power to him. He knows a lockout probably coming, but it is still his choice.

The last thing my friend mentioned to me, is the problem with a lot of athletes is when their revenue starts to decrease their spending does not and that is when they get into trouble.

They assume they will always be making five or ten million dollars a year.

But it is their life and their money, so don’t judge, just hope for every 100k going down the drain of drunk groupies there is money being saved, when the flashy lights start to dim.

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  • I need to open up an exclusive bar for athletes in BK

  • First, who is this special ed looking baffoon? First time I've heard of him. Ppl don't worry in a year or two this fool will be broke as a joke, under the headlines: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

  • Why do ppl making minimum wage always hoping that athletes go broke?

  • Thanks a lot for this awesome blog post , this is the type of thing that keeps me heading throught the day.

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