White Sox’s Mark Buehrle on Michael Vick: “I Hoped He Got Hurt”



There are players in all sports that I don’t care for, various reasons why, but I have never wished injury on anyone. To me that is the true definition of a “hater”, because that is personal.

If you don’t like someone or disagree with things they have done in the past, that is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you drop quotes like this by White Sox’s pitcher Mark Buehrle, there is something else bubbly beneath the surface.

“He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

I guess going to jail for two years, losing millions of dollars, tarnishing his legacy, being kicked out of the NFL and being vilified wasn’t enough punishment for Buehrle.

He wants him to break his leg or something because that would make Buehrle feel better. In my mind makes him no better than Vick.

Vick engaged in dog fighting and Buehrle is praying for someone to get hurt.

By the way if you have to qualify your statement with “I know this sounds bad”, you probably shouldn’t say the next thing you are thinking.

19 thoughts on “White Sox’s Mark Buehrle on Michael Vick: “I Hoped He Got Hurt”


    • does this mean i have to give up chicken and beef?

  • Although cruel, this is the white man's world and Vick (and everyone else) has to put up with comments like these. Wasn't there an NBC anchor that said Vick should be executed?

  • White people let it go,,,you are the same ones who go hunting and shoot deer and everything else. Why don't you say anything when nut jobs like Sarah Palin hunt and kill animals on tv….GTFOH

  • Does he feel the same about Rapistburger?

  • You guys make me sick. This isn't a race thing. It's a serial killer in training thing. Oh and I'm sure he is so hurt about his tarnished career considering he's about to be made the franchise player, got an award and the key to the city. Yeah, he's struggling. 2 years in prison equals a pass to be a pampered millionaire again? Don't think so. Let's bring hitler back and give him a pardon. How about Manson, does he get a pass? The only reason it stopped is that he got caught. And Sam, Hunting? Seriously? You are comparing bashing dogs against walls, drowning and electrocuting a pet to hunting? You guys make me sick, seriously. Oh and Lown, Rapistburger was never charged. Criminal charges were never made. A slut wears a shirt that says down to f*ck and then cries rape? Give me a break.

    • You are just ranting. Accept the fact that many of the comments that were made in opposition to Michael Vick is due to the expectation that he was supposed to succumb to a mold of the rich minority you and yours designed…."Stay in your place with a smile on your face"… And who ever that is stop typing in all caps you're not that important! They were dogs..dogs…man! Not humans!!! Don't sensationalize.

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