Another Lawsuit Against Dez Bryant Claims He Owes Over 300k From College Days

If you are doing the math here is what we have.

  • $246,000 in Jewels from his rookie season with the Cowboys.
  • $293,000 in Jewels while still at Oklahoma State.
  • $12,000 in sporting event tickets while at Oklahoma State.

That is $551,000 in unpaid bills for Dez Bryant.  I have two words for Dez.


Here are the details.

The Dallas Morning News points out that Bryant was sued last year for not paying for $293,000 in jewelry and more than $12,000 worth of sporting event tickets.  In that lawsuit, Eleow Hunt claims that he sold the jewelry and tickets on credit to Bryant, starting in late December 2008 or January 2009.

The loan apparently was arranged by Bryant’s adviser, David Wells.  Hunt claims that Wells said Bryant “needed the jewelry, tickets and loan money to show Bryant that he could perform as his agent and to keep him from listening to other agents’ offers.”

Of course Bryant didn’t choose Wells to be his agent.  The NCAA was more concerned about Bryant eating KFC with Deion Sanders, when it appears pretty obvious he was getting his Cam Newton on.

Dez Bryant should have the money to settle all these lawsuits, so exactly what is the hold up?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just pay the bills and stay out of the news.

Expect a third Dez Bryant lawsuit to pop up around 3pm at this rate.

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