Audio: Cecil Newton Leaving Pay for Play Voicemail About Cam Newton


This is getting silly.

It is like a Forensic Files episode. Everyone knows Cecil Newton is guilty, but people are going to move heaven and earth to get some true evidence.

SB Nation has the audio of someone who is suppose to be Cecil Newton, take a listen.

Here is the rough translation:

Hey John, this is C. Want to talk today about, uh … not gonna be free. We got two offers now, and uh, $200,000 from Auburn. He wants to play here, so, uh, [softly, perhaps speaking to somebody else: “Shutup, we’re all good,” and something unclear] … Listen, John, he really wants to go up there, so, uh, [unclear] over $150[,000] … He needs to go for a fair price. I ain’t just wanna give him to you as a free meal, you know? When you get this, uh, give me a call back.

Me right now………….

Tiger Woods chuckles at that voicemail.


  1. I bet you a million dollars a white male made this audio to try to bring down another soon to be successful black male. Pathetic,only in America. GTFOH!

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