Brandon Meriweather’s Lawyer Adam Swickle Say He Was Not The Shooter

Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather has been accused of shooting two people at a party, but the police has been extremely slow with their investigation.

You would think a NFL player busting shots at a party would be pretty easy to determine, but there is a lot of conflicting evidence.

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Meriweather’s lawyer has come out to say he has proof that Meriweather was nothing but a “peacemaker” during the brawl, here is what he had to say:

We have confirmed that Brandon was nothing but a peace-keeper,” Swickle told the Orlando Sentinel. “All of the witnesses confirmed that at no point did Brandon have a gun, or threaten to shoot, and did not shoot anyone.”

Swickle added that his investigator, Robert Crispin, interviewed at least one person who identified another man who had a gun and was threatening people with it immediately prior to the shooting.

I wouldn’t call that proof.

Proof is something definite and factual. If Mr. Swickle had a video of someone else shooting a gun, that would be proof. What he currently has is reasonable doubt and more conflicting information. There have been other witnesses that say Meriweather was the shooter and I am sure Mr. Swickle wouldn’t consider that as proof.

This sounds like one of those cases that won’t ever have a real conclusion because there will never be a consensus on what happened that night.

If Meriweather was the shooter, we can say that he has indeed dodged a bullet.