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BYU’s Brandon Davies Broke Honor Code By Getting Girlfriend Pregnant

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
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First thing you need to know is the BYU Honor Code system SUCKS:

Be honest
Live a chaste and virtuous life
Obey the law and all campus policies
Use clean language
Respect others
Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse
Participate regularly in church services
Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards
Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code

Students must abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances and from the intentional misuse or abuse of any substance. Sexual misconduct; obscene or indecent conduct or expressions; disorderly or disruptive conduct; participation in gambling activities; involvement with pornographic, erotic, indecent, or offensive material; and any other conduct or action inconsistent with the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Honor Code is not permitted.

What does this University think is the point of going to college is?

To get an education?

What in the blue hell is wrong with them?

But if you are a student and decide to go to BYU, you have to abide by the rules and Brandon Davies, decided he wanted to break the Honor Code and it got him suspended for the year.

Today, 1280 The Zone in Salt Lake City is reporting that Davies’ girlfriend is pregnant with his child. The honor code does not allow sexual relationships unless you are married, among a hefty list of other rules.

Davies is averaging 11.1 points per game and a team-high 6.2 rebounds, and not having him available for the NCAA tournament will be a major issue for Mr. Fredette and the Cougars.

Forget the Honor Code, Davies broke the “Man Code” and #1 Nohology commandment:

“An $8 box of condoms is better than 25% of your gross income over 18 years”

BYU has confirmed that Davies didn’t do anything criminal (unless you consider not buying a box of Trojans a crime).

Davies made a mistake. That mistake has cost him, his team and his girlfriend. If BYU was truly religious they would be helping him, not pushing him away, but the Honor Code is more important right?

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  1. Kinley Peterson says:

    This is a completely uneducated article regarding BYU's Honor Code. They aren't going to push him away. He knew the rules and broke them. Same story with Harvey Unga with their football team. Unga still calls BYU home, and so will Davies. They'll welcome him back after he serves his punishment. This university should be honored by not turning a blind eye at a crucial time, unlike most!

    • LMAO at punishment. He made a mistake, he is a kid, no need to be exiled

      • Sfurules says:

        I know right, just like those poor poor Ohio State kids, and that Cam Newton guy. I know there are rules on the books and all…but I mean….they can be really really hard to live with. So let's remove any punishment. That will help.

        No wonder all of society is falling into a crap hole of idiocy.

        Also, the use of "LMAO" does little to improve your intelectual prowess….unles you were, literally, "Laughing your ass off". If this is true then I will redact my statement.

      • Todd says:

        While 'punishment' was a poor choice of words the fact is he, and now the team and fans, will suffer the consequences. But the last thing the school would do is turn their backs/'exile' him. They will extend every effort to help him through this unless HE chooses not to want help and separate himself from the school. The school and the church associated with it, help, have helped and will continue to help more people around the world than any other group you can come up with.

        If more athletes where held to higher standards in college there might be less incidents like Michael Vick's. Just because the majority in college are acting like irresponsible idiots doesn't mean everyone has to.

        The condom comment was hilarious btw.

  2. Dirty Pimp says:



  3. Chago04 says:

    "That mistake has cost him, his team and his girlfriend. If BYU was truly religious they would be helping him, not pushing him away, but the Honor Code is more important right?"

    This is one of the stupidest remarks I have ever seen. Who says BYU is not helping him? They have not yet made a decision about his standing in school, and he violated a contract that he signed. Hopefully he decides to come back, but to say that he shouldn't be responsible for his actions is childish. In fact, I find it very indicative of the problems that our country and society are facing right now.

  4. G says:

    Please note that BYU hasn't expelled Davies from school or even revoked his scholarship. So far, he is suspended from the basketball team for the rest of this season.

    Maybe BYU believes that helping people doesn't always mean letting them make mistakes without facing any consequences.

  5. meg says:

    Every student that attends BYU signs a contract. How would the University be "helping" Davies by letting him off the hook. Rules are rules. What is the purpose of an honor code if not enforced? It is not ethical for a celebrity to use their stardom to get them off the hook after breaking the law, and it would not be ethical for BYU to let Davies play. Hopefully, Davies will learn some life lessons from this experience. Because THAT is what college is for. Hats off to BYU for maintaining their integrity.

  6. Jesus says:

    Robert (Bob),

    It would seem you are taking up the habit of talking out of your rear again. I've been watching you do this your whole life, and it hurt you and everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with you.

    1. You have no idea how BYU is handling the situation on a personal level.

    2. BYU is, Me forbid, actually following through on its end of the deal. I'm sure that all of you were feeling just splendid over how Aubern handled the Cam Newton situation.

    3. Stop touching yourself.

  7. Stupid Mormons says:

    Stupid Mormons. I guess he doesn't get his planet when he dies now.

    • truthteller says:

      This is an example of how HYPOCRITICAL Mormons are. This young man's sex life is NONE of their business. The Mormon cult was founded by a polygamist phony prophet who married other men's wives and screwed 15 year olds. What nerve they have to pretend to be so pious and perfect! I did my PhD studies at BYU and a Mormon bishop questioned me one time about petting with my fiance and I think he was actually getting his jollies off as he "interviewed" me about my nipples being touched! And as for the "return "missionaries", they practically tear your clothes off, they are so horny! And the incidence of pregnancy in UTAH is WAY above the national average. The Mormon PR men will do anything to save their multimillion dollar "Image". The best tale yet is the 300 pound 6'5" Mormon missionary in 1977 who made whoopee with his fiance, (a beautiful 112 pound blonde model/beauty queen), and then the "church" PR teams and spin doctors (and the church-owned Deseret News) swore he was "kidnapped and raped" by her, to save face! The poor girl's life and reputation were ruined, and both of them were virgins when they met, and not promiscuous either. They just loved each other. THEIR sex life was trumpeted in world headlines by Mormon PR teams seeking to appear pristine, as they orchestrated a 34 year PRESS HOAX slandering this woman maliciously–claiming she "raped" him WHEN SHE WAS NEVER EVEN CHARGED WITH ANY SEX CRIME. Let's hope this young man Brandon and HIS unfortunate girlfriend, see the hypocrisy in Mormon BYU and tell the fuddy duddy school to take a hike, and that their young hearts heal quickly from the embarressment the Mormon cult has caused them. And for those of you who are interested in further research on Mormon sexual control, look it up on the internet about how the cult leaders tell you to "think of maggots crawling on a dead body" when you feel sexual or emotional feelings. They also tell you to "tie your arm to the bed" or "sing a Mormon song". There have been suicides due to the damage Mormons do on the psyche of their victims [SEE THE FILM: THE GODMAKERS about young Kip Eliason!] Mormonism is a CULT which controls, diet, clothing, a person's thinking, and yes even their SEX DRIVE. Hey folks out there: Let's expose them! And Brandon HANG IN THERE and find a better school. They deserve to lose without you!

      • Todd says:

        'Truthteller' you are just a plain whack job idiot. The church doesn't control anything. We all have freedom of choice, but choice brings consequence. Read the Bible. It contains the same standards the church teaches… the same standards Jesus taught. Just because your church and all the other churches turn a blind eye to it in today's society doesn't make the LDS church a cult. You have no idea what you're talking about.

      • BYU fan says:

        Whatever !!!

  8. AW33 says:

    What really sucks is this blog entry. The BYU honor code is just an extension of the basic Mormon tenets. It has 34,000 students, 98 percent of which are Mormon. And 98 percent (or more) of them seem to do just fine with it. Maybe there is something to be said for self-discipline and self-control. Are you telling me we'd be better off with more illegitimate babies in the world as opposed to less?

    And no, I'm not Mormon.

    • It is an awful code. It restricts free choice and it does more to separate than bring together.

      • JES says:

        The Honor Code can be debated ad nauseum but it does not restrict one's choice. He could've chosen NOT to presumably have sex. Choices have consequences. The HC punishment, as harsh as many make it out to be helps the person make amends for his/her mistakes.

      • Sfurules says:

        Really? So, what you are saying is that when people CHOOSE to go to a school, CHOOSE to follow the rules that they are made very very VERY VERY aware of before being even offered a spot at the University, and then CHOOSE to do something contrary to that contractual obligation, that it's anunfair restriction of their rights of freedom?

        What world do you live in man?

      • Todd says:

        Robert, do traffic lights restrict free choice? Let's do away with them and see what happens because it interferes with my free choice as I drive. They do more to slow me down than to control the flow of traffic.

        We get it Robert, you just want the free choice to bang as many chicks as you want. You want to challenge Wilt's record. I get that and that's fine. It's your choice as well as any consequences that follow like a bunch of babies and baby mama's. But as long as you financially and emotionally take care of them, go for it. But it usually doesn't work out that way 99% of the time. Most aren't Puff Daddy Diddy. Your choices aren't for everyone including those that actually want to follow God's teaching and what He put us here for.

    • Chalie says:

      There's a lot of vitrol amongst the comment base, but I see both sides. This could've been prevented by 1) strappin up or abstaining or 2) going to a different school. On the other hand, IMO, the punishment does seem harsh. I was always taught to forgive and forbear and I say that to say this, there are many other punishments outside of taking basketball away and affecting a man's education.

      • JES says:

        Agree with some of your comments but unless one goes through the HC process and knows exactly what it's like, who's to say if its fair or unfair. Plus his academic standing is still in review.

      • You know what assumi says:

        Dear Charlie,

        Who said his education had been taken away?

        Or…let me guess…did you assume that? Yeah, you assumed that..

        • Chalie says:

          @You Know What Assuming Does…a little reading wouldn't hurt. I said affecting his education, not taking it away.

  9. CF98 says:

    Well I can't feel too bad for him only because he made a choice to go to this school and chose to break the rules despite signing a contract saying he wouldn't.

    Had he gone anywhere else this wouldn't have been as big an issue but he chose to go to BYU and its a private institution etc.

    However even I have to say I find them rather hypocritical given how they have no qualms about polygamy or grown men taking on 14 year olds as wives which I find far more disgusting than this.

    • You're retarded says:

      Polygamy stopped in the Mormon church….let me check my watch here….over a damn century ago. Also, I would advocate learning a little about the history of it before judging. But, as my name suggests…it might not be worth even bringing that up. BTW, being a polygamist actually gets you excomunicated from the LDS Faith.

      OOOOH, you mean those wackjob FLDS biznatches that are raping little girls under the polygamy banner? Yeah, not Mormons.

      u mad?

  10. upgrayedd says:

    being a student athlete hurt his privacy. i'm sure others were allowed the privacy to go unnoticed in the same situation. he didn't invent this situation on campus. he was just outed. i wonder how far along the expected mother is. her rights are now under a microscope.

  11. If this was Jimmer it would have been swept under the rug

  12. DC says:

    The thing is, he's black. But he's also LDS and was raised by an adopted mother in Utah from 4 days old. He grew up in Provo, for goodness sakes. So he's no different than any of the kids there. I do think it's sketchy that two minority kids — first Harvey Unga — and now Davies get suspended for the same thing in the same school year. But in both cases, you've got guys who are dating other student-athletes. The dudes on the team that are married are married to girls who are probably sitting at home or cheering them on.

    I guess they didn't want to get married yet, but what 19 year old does?

  13. Anniston says:

    Wait, wait, wait, wait … So BYU is only *pretending* to be religious because they have consequences for specific actions taken? Let me ask you then … what was your stand on the whole Michael Vick dog-fighting scandal? Should he have been let off the hook scot free? Just because someone has made a mistake doesn't mean the consequences should be waived. ReDICulous that you should even imply that his breaking the rules at an institution he *chose* to attend is no big deal. And let me guess … you think the BYU honor code "sucks" because you're one of those guys who gets wasted every night, strikes out with the ladies or ends up sleeping with a drag queen, and doesn't remember any of it the morning after? You're right. That's WAY better than deciding to live by a code of conduct. You sound like a real winner.

    • I rarely drink. I have this thing called a moral code, don't need anyone to tell me.

      Michael Vick broke a law and went to jail. Punishment didn't fit the crime, but still a law. Davies broke a code, but punishment didn't fit the crime.

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