Chad OchoCinco Has More Twitter Influence Than Obama & Justin Bieber?

They say it isn’t the quantity it is the quality.

For a social media outlet like Twitter, it isn’t neccessarily about the number of followers you have, but about your connection with those the followers and the quality of your tweets.

Some of the celebrities, athletes and half naked models with the most followers routinely have the most boring and idiotic tweets.  Add on to the fact they rarely interact with their followers.

It isn’t surprising that according to ProFootballTalk that Ocho is ranked the #1 influential American on Twitter.

He understood how it could work to his benefit and I would see it has been the #1 reason his profile has increased more off the field than on it.

Chad Ochocinco isn’t just a two-sport athlete. He’s also the most influential American on Twitter.

David Leonhardt of the New York Times reports that the researchers at Twitalyzer rank Ochocinco second, behind only to Brazilian comedian Rafinha Bastos, in terms of worldwide Twitter influence.

Twitalyzer measures influence by how people shape the conversation on Twitter, in terms of being mentioned and having their own tweets re-tweeted, and not just how many followers a tweeter reaches. So Ochocinco, whose Twitter account features breaking stories from the Ochocinco News Network, is more influential on Twitter than celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who have far more followers than he does.

Twitter can either work for you or work against.  It can bring out the best of person, but also the worst.  It is just an instrument, how successful you play it is 100% dependent on you.

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I am sure Marvin Lewis will have something slick to say about this as well.

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