Chris Bosh And Adrienne Williams Wedding Invite Pics..Must View!!!

Have you ever been watching something on TV and it is so funny you just can’t stop laughing?

As soon as I saw the first pic of Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams on JocksandStilettoJill, I busted out laughing and I am not laughing because like some I dislike Bosh, that isn’t the case because I don’t know Avatar Bosh, from what I have been told he is a pretty pleasant guy.  He is also going to be the key to Heat’s championship hopes.

It is just he looks ridiculous.

But hey it is his wedding and if he wants to dress like Carlos Estevez more power to them and I wish them well.  His fiancee’ Adrienne Williams looks very pretty even though she reminds Hottie from Flavor of Love.

It could have been worse.

3 thoughts on “Chris Bosh And Adrienne Williams Wedding Invite Pics..Must View!!!

  • The wife's attire is funnier than his outfit. Beyonce's wack Hip Hop Opera comes to mind when I look at her.

  • She's very cute, she'll fit right in on the NBA wives….good for her she hit the NBA lottery….

  • what is this nonsense lol

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