Chris Bosh Stops Baby Momma Allison Mathis From Appearing on Basketball Wives


Chris Bosh can’t handle a regular season loss, so I assume he would fall to pieces if his ex was on Basketball Wives. For his emotional well being it is probably for the best he keeps her off the show.

We don’t need to see anymore crying from him.

Sources close to the VH1 reality show tell TMZ, Chris was pissed when he heard “Wives” producers were in talks with his baby mama Allison Mathis — the front runner to replace Royce next season — and the NBA star quickly put the ki-Bosh on the whole operation.

According to sources, Chris was determined to prevent his baby mama from blabbing about him and their daughter on TV — and “Wives” producers decided Allison just wasn’t worth the headache.

They have been trying to get rid of Royce Reed, maybe they should actually get a real NBA wife, but that would be too much to ask for.


  1. My thoughts exactly BSO. Why is this show called Basketball Wives and there's no stitch of wife on this cast? Royce needed to go awhile ago. I recommend they get rid of Tammy also.

    • Maybe they should call the show "Basketball Ho's" or "Basketball Baby Mommas" or "Basketball Groupies"……(or maybe "Basketball Cum Catchers")…….

  2. Now that the NBA is locked out they going to be a lotta sad Baby Mommas out there. No Mo Money :)assalamu maliki liki

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