Cleveland Fans….Still Bitter as Ever

I was in Cleveland today and my brother and I were out to eat. We were seated at the bar and some Cavalier fans were seated next to us and I couldn’t help but notice how excited they were because they beat “Lebron” and the Miami Heat on Tuesday night never mind the fact that they lost to Charlotte the next night. I came to realize that Cleveland fans were still very bitter.

After talking to the some of those “fans” they wanted me to believe that the only reason they are still mad is because Lebron betrayed them on national TV. Really? It’s been more than six months and you guys are still reeling over “The Decision”? I’m not convinced that Cleveland fans would have felt any less betrayed if Lebron had phoned each season ticket holder personally and informed them on his decision instead of making it on a one hour ESPN special.

The real issue is Cleveland felt that they would always have their hero, the one person who made Cleveland relevant in the sports world. After all he was born and raised in Ohio, and no one loved him more, so why would he leave? I’ll give you two words “World Championship.” I fully understand why Lebron felt he needed to get out of Cleveland.

After giving some of his best years to Cleveland he was no closer to winning a NBA Championship with them then he was when he was drafted in 2003. Cleveland was never going to be able to attract the talent needed to support a championship team. Lebron recognized this and decided to “take his talents to the South Beach” where he would have a better chance of achieving that goal.

Every reasonable person understands that and maybe it’s time Cleveland fans let it go. Sure you beat the Heat on Tuesday night, but have you looked at the Cavs record lately. They’re 15-59! There is absolutely nothing for you guys to be cheering about. While you’re guys are celebrating a victory that means absolutely nothing for your season, the Heat are 52-23 and preparing for the playoff and let’s not forget that Lebron posted his forth triple double of the season in that loss.

My advice to the Cleveland organization and fans is to just get over it and accept the fact that Dan Gilbert probably lied to you when he personally guaranteed that Cleveland would win a NBA title before the self-titled “former” king wins one. The last time I checked making the playoffs are a prerequisite for winning a title. Cleveland has a long way to go before they become a title contender, but a letting “Lebron” go is probably a good place to start.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Fans….Still Bitter as Ever

  • I enjoyed this article. I have to agree, the fans are overreacting. Dan Gilbert is the reason Lebron left. But at least the city has Peyton Hillis.

  • "Getting over it" could be alot of different things. I will forever root against James. But I am MORE focused on my cities team. But there isnt 1 way to get over it. So if you are expecting the fans to root for LeBron as the only way of getting over it, you will never find that.

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