Cowboys Dez Bryant Sued for 246k Worth of Jewelry..Bling Bling

Does Dez Bryant think he is Slick Rick or Mr. T?

Not my place to tell any grown man to do with his money, but almost a quarter of a million of jewelry, even Liz Taylor (RIP) thinks that is a bit excessive, but if that is what he likes to rock, more power to him.

With that being said, the jeweler is alleges that while Bryant was sporting the “bling bling”, he failed to pay his bill.

Per the complaint filed today in the District Court of Dallas, Texas, A+A Diamonds, Ltd. d/b/a Rafaello & Co. alleges that Bryant received $267,000 worth of jewelry — and that he has paid only $21,000.

This means that (abacus engaged) Bryant owes $246,000.

Bryant allegedly made multiple purchases, before and after the 2010 draft.  On January 22, 2010, he bought $75,000 worth of jewelry.  On February 8, 2010, he made a whopping $144,000 purchase, including a $60,000 custom charm.  On February 16, 2010, he purchased $25,000 more in jewelry.  On May 24, 2010, Bryant purchased a $23,000 diamond bracelet.

Attached to the complaint are a purchase order supposedly signed by Bryant, along with the various invoices. points out that Bryant received an 8.5 million dollar signing bonus last year, so he should be able to pay his bills.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that a good portion of that 8.5 million is already gone.

Remember what I said when Bryant was cited for his Pants of the Ground incident at the mall, none of his newsworthy situations are major, but when you start adding up all the small things, it is quite possible a big thing is about to bubble up to the surface.


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