Dez Bryant’s Lawyer Royce West Admits He Owes Money For Bling Bling

At least they are being honest about it.  Instead of lying, Dez Bryant’s attorney essentially says that he owes the money, just a disagreement of how much he owes and when he was suppose to pay it.

Call me crazy, but normally when you buy something you should pay for it at the time, but then again I am not a Cowboy.

Bryant allegedly has failed to pay $246,000 to a New York jeweler for items purchased from January through May 2010.

Calvin Watkins of reports that Bryant’s lawyer, Texas state Senator Royce West, says efforts are being made to settle the case.

“Is there a relationship between Dez and the jeweler?  Yes,” West said. “The issue is how much is owed and when it’s due.  That’s the issue.  I think we’ll solve it quickly.”

So Bryant owes something.  The question is whether the number is $246,000, or something less than that.

Either way, it sounds like West is admitting that Bryant has failed to pay for goods he received.

Dez’s lawyer is also a State Senator? I am sure that is some sort of conflict of interest.  Just pull out the Rush Card and pay your bills.

Then you can rock your bling debt free.

3 thoughts on “Dez Bryant’s Lawyer Royce West Admits He Owes Money For Bling Bling

  • "During the recent NFL owners meetings, coach Jason Garrett expressed confidence that Dez Bryant would show increased maturity as a second-year player". Good deal Coach, but I have a couple of questions. Question 1: How long do you expect it to take for Dez to mature from a foul mouthed punk kid with a bad attitude and a pocket full of cash who believes nobody dare challenge his right to walk through a mall with his trousers hanging off his butt to show off his designer drawers to a responsible adult? Question 2: What is a reasonable time frame in which we can expect for Dez to grow out of his fascination with all things gangsta pimp hip hop and a burning desire to blow his paycheck on bling bling? To quote a popular red neck comedian, "You can fix just about anything, but you can’t fix stupid".

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