Did NBA Ref Ken Mauer Call Suns Zabian Dowdell a B*tch Before Ejection?

I know one thing for sure, Mauer wouldn’t call Dominique Wilkins a b*tch.

It isn’t a secret that many NBA officials have a high opinion of themselves and can be power obsessed.  I would not be shocked if this was true, because I know I have heard NBA officials say a lot of things to players that would be considered inappropriate.

The Suns imploded in the 4th quarter against Oklahoma City, this led to a few ejections and then this exchange between Mauer and Dowdell.

The issue stems from what referee Ken Mauer reportedly said which led to Suns reserve’s Zabian Dowdell’s initial ejection and Aaron Brooks’ subsequent removal. John Gambadoro of 620 KTAR in Phoenix reports that Ken Mauer allegedly called Dodwell a small female dog.

Dowdell didn’t like that too much.

Dowdell responded by asking if Mauer would call him that off the court, which is, not surprisingly, similar to “You wanna call me that outside?” and Mauer booted him. Dowdell was shocked at the reaction, saying he hadn’t seen anything like that before in any league he’s played in.

I agree with Dowdell, if Mauer wouldn’t call him a b*tch off the court, don’t puff out your chest when you have your whistle in your mouth.

The NBA officials have an image problem as it is. Strong suspicious of cheating, remember they had the airline ticket scam, preferential treatment to some players, personal vendettas against other players and just in general making bad calls at bad times.

Just do your job without the name calling unless we need to bring in Dominique to handle the problem.

3 thoughts on “Did NBA Ref Ken Mauer Call Suns Zabian Dowdell a B*tch Before Ejection?

  • I was sitting on the floor that night and heard everything go down. the remark was a true statement and very disrespectful. I dont blame Dowdell for calling mauer out, I would have done the same thing. To clear up Aaron Brooks ejection, he didnt get thrown for grabbing his crotch, he was thrown because he said" I wish I got paid to disrespect people" and mauer threw him.

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