Dodgers Matt Kemp Won’t Dance to Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna’s Music

Rihanna is a modern day Michael Jordan in regards to her relationships with the opposite sex.  A serial killer that Kobe Bryant would be envious of.

We don’t even need to talk about Chris Brown, she has Drake running around Roger Rabbit anytime he is in her presence, laughed at the thought of being linked with Andrew Bynum and then you have Matt Kemp, who while he was with RiRi numbers tanked.

Now that they are broken up, he might still be a little salty.

Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp must not have ended things on good terms with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. In Las Vegas for a preseason game Sunday, Kemp spent Saturday night dancing on a banquette in the downstairs Boom Box Room at club Marquee. But as soon as DJ Eric D-Lux switched to Rihanna’s “Cheers,” a witness told us, “Matt immediately sat down and stuck his hand up in defiance to the song. As soon as her song ended, he jumped right back up.

This reminds of something that happened during Super Bowl Week.  I was at a charity basketball game at SMU.  Chris Brown was one of the celebs playing.  Before the game he was warming up, having fun, missing twenty dunks in row and generally have a good time. He was in very good spirits.

The DJ was playing a variety music, but made the mistake of putting on Rihanna “What’s my Name”.  If looks could kill the DJ would have been six feet under the arena, talk about a mood changer.

10 seconds into the song, we went from jamming to dead silence, no more Rihanna was played throughout the game.

Serial Killer.

11 thoughts on “Dodgers Matt Kemp Won’t Dance to Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna’s Music

  • Damn…you know it's bad when your ex's can't even stand to hear your music…LOL…must be a lot of guys out there who get pissed everytime a Rihanna song comes on…lol

  • You are just a pathetic fool just say you dont like rihanna its very obvious …. Always blame the women not the men. Anyways if ur dumbass listened to his interview about rih 2 wks ago he wasn't bitter but said kind things about her. He is just not emotionally ready they just broke up. It is fact you have always supported that woman beater even thou u saw how brutal he assaulted her typical black men syndrome !!!!!!!!!

    • HATER…..Brutally assaulted??!!??…..alrite while i dont condone any man putting his hands on a woman….we all now understand after months of specualtion..that Rhi was throwin blows and probably feet w/ heels at CB…not sayin what he did was wrong….just seems like "typical emotional woman syndrome"…Dont blame the messenger…Blame Rhi for swinging

      • How is that person a hater? Your whole comment is ignorant. She deserved what she got because she hit first? Rihanna did not "throw blows". Photos of Chris from that night have been posted and he did not have any bruises showing that she did not do anything. The "typical black men syndrome" is being a dumb nigger.

      • Do you just randomly skip over the picture of his face?.. He wasn't bruised at all. There was absolutely NO proof that she touched him. Stop it!

    • What is the "typical black men syndrome"??????

  • ha lol

  • this article doesnt make sense at all if he was bitter he would say a lot of things its a free world what will stop him from that even her jumpoff Drake does say a lot of things about Rihanna how she is her baddest chick(too much information) this story is just made up and the reason behind this is YOU GUYS HATE RIHANNA AND YOU KNOW ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT RIHANNA MAKE HITS BECOZ NEITHER PARTY MATT/RIHANNA SAID NOTHING NEGATIVE REGARDING THEIR BREAK UP BLOGGERS/GOSSIP MONGERS,MEDIA AINT BUYING THAT THEY WANT NEWS THAT SELL AND NEWS THAT SELL IS ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT RIHANNA SO YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY BOTH MATTKEMP AND CHRISBROWN WONT DANCE TO RIHANNA SONG "FAIL

  • The write of this blog is a butthole and a liar.

    The framing of this piece doesn't make a lick of sense seeing as 1) Matt Kemp just said Rihanna made him a "better person" and he loves her. 2)Chris Brown went on Larry King and said he still loved Rihanna and wanted her BACK. 'Member that? She dumped HIM and Kemp so if they are pressed at times it's due to symptoms of withdrawal.

    The police officer who saw Chris Brown when he turned himself in the day after the fight said he looked great and did NOT appear to have a mark on his face. & the pics just released of him show him w/o a mark! So you need to STOP LYING & justifying what Chris "Beat Her Down" Brown did.

    Drake is obviously thirsty for Rihanna. Who knows what's really going on there– it sure isn't a matter of him being turned off. lmao

    The truth seems to be just the opposite of what the lousy writer is trying to claim–Rihanna keeps these men wanting MORE! I mean, like damn. Her crime is picking the wrong men!

    But iiars lie & haters hate so…..

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