Duke’s Kyrie Irving Subject to Racist, Abusive Tweets From a Duke Fan

I have noticed this about Twitter.

The people who say the most inappropriate, racist, abusive, mean, evil and vile things never have a Twitter profile pic.  They either have the infamous egg or something besides themselves as their picture.

I am not a psychiatrist, but I did stay at a Hyatt over the weekend— but when you aren’t happy with yourself, you lash out at people you are jealous and envious of.

No one knows for sure what warranted this unsolicited attack on Duke’s Kyrie Irving, but I hope that it doesn’t bother him.

In the end, it is just a sport.  It is fun to make fun of players we don’t like, but there is a line.  Just because you can hide behind the Twitter egg, doesn’t mean you should cross it.

What you are really saying is when you look in the mirror, you hate yourself way more than Kyrie Irving.  When you are on Twitter and someone is saying something ignorant, just ignore them because they are just dying for your attention— because no one pays any attention to them when they hit CTL, ALT and DEL.

10 thoughts on “Duke’s Kyrie Irving Subject to Racist, Abusive Tweets From a Duke Fan

  • is this a slow news day? from the look of these tweets, this doesn't look racist to me. Sounds more personal than anything.

    • I guess you didn't see the "N****" blast in the tweets, naw that isn't racist at all.

      • again, she said N***A. it aint like she said You F****g n***er. From the looks of it she is not white either and in case you didn't know a lot of hispanics and blacks call each other n**ga.

        Blame ignorant Rappers and brothers for making it normal for people to use n***ga.

        If these are the only tweets she posted, i don't see how that is racist. You should point out these facts before you accuse others racism.

        Abbusive? Yes. Scorned? Maybe. Racist? I don't think so.

        • That is racist, you can't rationalize it, you being prejudice and stereotyping yourself to be honest

          • I'm black man and I live in the Tri-state area so i know what i'm talking about. She sounds like she personally knows the dude and had a falling out with him. Replace ni**ga with "dude", "man", "mane" or whatever dialect people use nowadays and you'll understand the tweets much better. I think it is irresponsible to mislead people with titles such as this when any intelligent person will come to same conclusion as I did.

            I understand writing racist in the title of the story will draw more viewers though. Get your hustle on.

          • An intelligent person will know yellow, white, black or brown that was a racist tweet, just because you don't think so, doesn't make it universally true. It is my opinion that what it is, you can disagree, but your opinion isn't facts

  • I deduce that this is some scorned potential basketball concubine….but I could be wrong. It's all uncalled for.

  • This has gone on long enough. This is the story on Kyrie Ivring and the fake model Misshawaii. 18yr old Kryie Ivring met 30yr old misshawaii on the internet through a friend. They built a internet based relationship for about a month.Kyrie Ivring and the Duke blue devils had a 1st and 2nd round tournament games in Charlotte NC. MissHawaii thought it would be a good idea for her to show up in Charlotte for the she and Kyrie could meet. So Kyrie Ivring was at the Epic center with his father in uptown Charlotte where he saw misshawaii for the first time in person. He talked to her for about 5mins before they parted ways. Shortly after Misshawaii kept calling and texting Kyrie Ivring phone, he never would pick up or responded to any of her text messages. The reason for him ignoring her was because when he saw her for the first time in person he was simply not attracted to her. She had on probably a full bottle of makeup and she was over weight (to claim to be a model) look as if she possibly could have been a man. The only thing that Kyrie Ivring did to her was ignored her after meeting her. Later on that day Kyrie Ivring comes out his hotel outside and who is whispering his name signaling Kyrie Ivring to come over to her it was misshawaii. So they stood there for a few minutes and talked after misshawaii caught Kyrie Ivring off guard by popping up outside his hotel. So when the two parted ways again she continued to text and call his phone. Kyrie Ivring continued to focus on the whole reason he was in Charlotte Nc in the first place. So he ignored her and ignored her…until sunday night out of nowhere a fake twitter page was created @dukeIvr1989. This twitter page attacked kyrie Ivring over and over talking about his deceased mother over and over. And goes on to say things like “u messed with the wrong girl, u shouldnt play with peoples feelings”. She threaten to post text messages and photos of Kyrie Ivring that he sent her. So later the night a friend of Misshawaii let it be known that Misshawaii is the person behind @dukelvr1989 which it did not take a rocket scientist to determined misshawaii was the person harassing Kyrie Ivring after her feelings were hurt because of Kyrie Ivring Ignoring her. So after Kyrie Ivring caught wind that it was her (misshawaii) behind the twitter page dukeivr1989 he called and texted her trying to ask her was she the person behind the page. She never ever responded or tried to clear her name. So days later she posted text messages from her and Kyrie of him going on her for her being the person behind that fake twitter page dukelvr1989. MissHawaii also threatened Kyrie Ivring on her real twitter page @misshawaii that she would post videos and pics of Kyrie Ivring. The same threats that were made on the fake twitter page @dukeIvr1989. So bottomline is this is a SAD case of a 30yr old want to be model feelings get hurt after a 18yr old teen simply ignored her after meeting her for the first time in person. She looked very manly and face FULL of caked makeup…and also a big girl. She has never ever met him in person so y is her feelings so hurt off of him dissing her. When I say diss i mean Simply IGNORED HER. The things that misshawaii were saying about Kyrie Ivring’s deceased mother is flat out heartless. So truth be told you can not blame Kyrie Ivring for texting and calling her after her heartless acts…shes trying to play the victim. Kyrie Ivring is a great great person

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