Dumb Athlete Alert: Auburn’s Demetruce McNeal..Guns, Gang Signs & Cash


Sometimes when I browse around the internet, I read some stories and I think that the sites in question are just trying to make the athletes look bad.

If you go fishing and stay out on the boat for eight hours, eventually you are going to catch something.

Then there are other times though when I see something like what is chronicled by Sports By Brooks that I simply look like this.

Fellas, you are at college— you have a full scholarship that a lot of young people wish they had. If you are good enough, you will have an opportunity to play in the NFL. I understand that you are young and I am willing to give a pass on some things because of youth, but this?

I could have sworn that Gene Chizik said Auburn only recruited men of high moral character.

The crazy thing are these clowns aren’t even the Auburn players, who were just busted for armed robbery. Nothing worse than a young person who doesn’t understand or appreciate the golden opportunities they are given.

Stop being studio gangsters and start acting like men, not fake thugs and punks.



    • But the strange thing is that Cecil Newton asked for money and the media portrays him as a bad person, while Mark Ingram Sr. stole millions of dollars and everyone speaks of him like he’s a class act. You assholes that probably never played football after little league sure do seem to have a lot to say

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