Elin Nordgren Not Happy With Tiger Woods’ New Lady Alyse Lahti Johnston



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I am not sure what type of woman Elin thought Tiger would be shacking up with.  His track record has shown that he likes ladies that maybe considered a bit skanky.

With that being said, Elin seems to be bothered that Tiger’s latest lady has had some run ins with the law.

Elin went ballistic when she found out the potent putter’s new squeeze, 22-year-old blonde Alyse Lahti Johnston, was busted on a felony DUI charge.

“Elin was furious when she heard about the DUI,” a source close to the Swedish beauty told The ENQUIRER.

“Elin says if Tiger brings that woman around the kids, she thinks it will be grounds for a breach of their divorce agreement, and she’ll push for complete custody.”

My advice to Elin is just let it go. Tiger maybe a lot of things, but no one has ever accused him of being a bad father. I am sure he and his 22 year old concubine aren’t going to be drinking a 40 oz in front of the kids.


  1. How can you call the girls tiger likes to f** skanky when none of them have ever been black. tiger may not be too smart, but he wouldn't be caught dead with his dick in a black ho.

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