Ex-Wife of John Daly, Sherrie Daly Speaks on Hookers on the 16th Hole


I have never felt the urge to buy one of those books where the ex-wife, stripper, sidepiece, porn star and etc decided to expose an athlete or entertainer.

I didn’t buy the “Superhead” book, but I did get it from the Library (yes I still go to the library) and that was pretty much the only book like that I have read.

Being in this industry, you see and hear a lot of things that if the general public knew about it probably would shock them. With that being said I might purchase Sherrie Daly’s book, because John Daly exploits makes Tiger Woods look like Tim Tebow.

The New York Post has a feature on her upcoming book “Teed Off: My Life as a Player’s Wife on the PGA Tour,”, here are a couple of the stories she is sharing.

In the book, she says of Southwind: “I’d been told by many men in Memphis, including my banker, that there was a girl who’d give golfers [oral sex] when they got to the sixteenth hole . . . Apparently, all they had to do was pay $300 when they got there, and she’d take them into the bushes.”

But she got fed up when Hooters sponsored her husband’s tour, showed up at a Tampa course and set up a tent on the seventeenth hole. She writes, “There were all these Hooters girls with their t – – – – – s flopping around everywhere, holding up these signs and screaming for John. It was just nasty.”

After finding John in bed with another woman and finding X-rated pictures of her, “I went through every phone number [the woman] had in it, whether it was her boss . . . or her parents. And I sent them the picture of her coochie with a note that went something like this: ‘This is the vagina of the woman I just found in bed with my husband.’ “

For full disclosure Sherrie Daly is no saint. She attacked John Daly with a steak knife once and was in prison for five months for money laundering.

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but these stories of John Daly seem hilarious. I think I will get the book just for comedic purposes.

Lawrence Taylor is trying to get a tee time at Southwind golf course in Memphis, so he can get to that 16th Hole. Hope he checks her ID, can never be to careful these days.


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