Floyd Mayweather Places 50k Bet on Cavs Beating Heat…AND WINS!!!


Here is the thing that people don’t understand and what Floyd probably doesn’t want me to tell you, but I am going to do it anyway.

If Floyd loses this halftime bet on the Cavs, you would never see the ticket.

Trust me for every winning Mayweather ticket, there is at least one losing ticket (probably 3-4).

With that being said, you have to either be very smart or addicted to gambling to place this type of bet. I am going to say Floyd is a little bit of both.

I know most boxing fans wish that Money Mayweather was making his money in the ring, not at the Sportsbook.


  1. Funny Floyd the Void has guts to bet on the worst team in the NBA beating a powerhouse but can't fight the best.. same for why he would rather fight his baby mama…hes a female dogs, vagina, thats twice the bieetch, haha!

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