Floyd Mayweather Wants 100 Million Dollars to Fight Manny Pacquiao?


I don’t think Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao.

I think Mayweather is scared of losing his undefeated record.

Here is the reality, that the media won’t tell you.  While everyone is saying that losing to Manny Pacquiao won’t hurt Mayweather’s legacy, the truth of the matter is it would.

Mayweather has three options.

  1. Beat Pacquiao and then no one can tell him nothing.
  2. Lose to Pacquiao and have all the media and fans who hate his guts always hold that over his head.
  3. Don’t fight Pacquiao, making everyone mad, but protecting his undefeated record.

It appears he is going for option number three.

“We went through negotiations with Mayweather, nobody really knew about it,” Bob Arum was quoted as saying during his session with the reporters. “Some group came in and they wanted to put [the fight] on in a particular country [widely believed to be South Africa], and Mayweather asked for a number that was so high, it indicated that he didn’t want to fight.

“Take a guess at the number that he asked for, for himself? One-hundred. That’s right, $100 million. F—-, I mean, who’s going to pay him $100 million? I mean, unless Manny Pacquiao fights for nothing, how can you do the fight? [Mayweather] can’t say no, he doesn’t want the fight, so you price yourself out.”

Before you jump on Mayweather, just remember Bob Arum lies as easily as we breath air, so take his comment with a grain a salt.

I find it hard to believe that Mayweather would ask for 100 million dollars. Did he ask for an unreasonable amount? Probably, but 100 million I believe is a bit hyperbole.  Mayweather’s team probably floated the number out there, just to be silly and Arum ran with it.

I wouldn’t hold my breath about this fight ever happening or if it does it will be at a point when both fighters are past their prime.

That is sad, but that is the reality.


  1. Let the O go!

    Yeah he may like being undefeated, but theres something else I bet he likes even more otherwise it wouldn't be his nickname, "Money"

    He's stupid cause he stands to make more money if he fights.

    Say a 60-40 split, there's a second fight no matter what happens, and if he does loose one then theres a third. when it's all said and done he's made well over $100M. but he makes nothing if he's worried about loosing the zero on his record.

  2. $100 million for Mayweather to fight Pacquiao? This is insanity! It shows how greedy is Mayweather. And since no one will take this proposition… it shows also cowardice. How about a $100M winner take all instead. Pacquiao may consider this but not Mayweather because he knows his hit and run tactic will never work out against Pacquiao.

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