Grant Hill to Write Editorial in New York Times about The Fab 5

The documentary about Michigan’s Fab 5 has stirred a lot of emotions and one of the hot button topics was their feelings about the early 90’s version of the Duke Blue Devils.

One thing people are forgetting, is they were telling you how they felt as 18 year old teenagers.

Think back to when you were 18, how you felt about certain things.  Did you feel the same at 28, 38 or 48?  Bobby Hurley has already come out and said that he would have started over Jalen Rose (that is a stretch).

Now Grant Hill who Jimmy King called a “b*tch”, is going to express his feelings in an op ed piece.  Sports By Brooks has the details.

A source at the NEW YORK TIMES told me late Tuesday that Hill has submitted an editorial to the newspaper to be published this week that will detail his feelings about the aforementioned Michigan team. Included in Hill’s piece is an anecdote about King attending Pistons training camp in 1999.

I’ve been told that Hill notes in the N.Y. Times article that King’s unflattering remark about him was particularly disappointing because he considered King a friend. In fact, Hill reveals in his editorial that he thought so much of King that he repeatedly lobbied then-Pistons GM Rick Sund not to cut the former Wolverine at the end of training camp in ‘99. (Hill’s efforts turned out to be futile, as King was released before the season.)

Instead of going to the New York Times, Grant Hill who I have great respect for, should have picked up the phone to call Jimmy King who was just expressing how he felt about Hill at the time, not years later when they were teammates.

I wouldn’t expect such pettiness out of Hill and if he can’t understand why they felt the way about him, then he is ignoring what was really going on at the time.

When Hill was 18, I would have understood  his ignorance, but today knowing what he knows about society, I thought he would be above this type of thing.

36 thoughts on “Grant Hill to Write Editorial in New York Times about The Fab 5

  • Petty? Really. It's in the presentation. The remarks were unflattering; but the implications are far more concerning. As a girl who grew up in the suburbs, with two parents with good jobs, I dealt with not being perceived as "black enough." It's not just a mindset of 18 years ago.

    I don't think he'll do a jab for jab but it's more than appropriate to address a nationally televised documentary, that not only mentioned you by name, but also included a picture of your family for good measure. I've never seen Grant Hill do a classless thing in his 20-year career and I don't suspect he'll start now.

    • I hear you. I just really wish that someone would explain to me how wanting to attend a school that affords a quality education, and the fact that your parents can afford it makes you a bitch.

      Im from a poor family, got the opportunity to get to a quality school in DC. Compared to some of the rest of the Black folks who went to prep school, gew up in suburbia I was a "have not". Never thought differently of my collegues, just made me want to do better. At the same time you'd have someone from Howard call you a sell-out because of going to a school you were breaking you back to stay in . Someone please explain the logic in that to me. I was sweatin about how I was gonna pay tuition just to stay there. We need to let that mentality go.

      The problem is the 18 year old who said it becomes a 30 or 40 year old who tells a now 18 year old those feeling are okay, and it goes on and on and on and on…

  • I completely agree with cwebbie. I don't see anything petty about what Grant is doing. I think Jalen and Jimmy's comments showed one of the biggest problems in black culture. My parents busted their tails to make sure we had a good nieghborhood to grow up in. They stayed on their children to make sure we could speak correct english so we could get good jobs when we grew up and our culture acts as if this is something to be ashamed of. I was a teenager when the fab 5 was in Michigan, and I had to deal with the "Cosby Kid" comments, now my children have to do the same. I never understood how having a education and doing something for yourself is looked at as a negative. If anyone has shown ignorance in this it is King and Rose.

  • "He went to penbrook… that's a private school"

    This fab five thing has gotten out of control. It really makes king look in a bad light…. like he never got over it. This fab 5 and the U documentary really paint people in a bad light. And you defending this bullshi t makes you look like you don't get it. and you do…. this is a pretty smart website here.

  • @Robert

    Really? So King can get on Television, call Grant Hill a b*tch and Hill can't write an op-ed piece? As a matter of fact I got no problem with Grant Hill writing the piece. And if you disagree what Grant is doing than you most likely agree with Rose and King's way of thinking. I just can't understand how your level of "blackness" can be determined by your "ghettoness". If you are black and have a good family upbringing then you are an Uncle Tom. For all the wrap Skip Bayless get, I'm glad he called out Jalen Rose on it on National TV.

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