Hawks Josh Powell Arrested Before Game in Traffic Incident Outside Arena

Remember in the movie “Friday”, Pops asked Craig how he get fired on his day off, I have to ask Josh Powell how he got arrested at the arena before the game.

I am 99% sure if this was Joe Johnson this wouldn’t have happened. Then again this is the Hawks, so maybe it would.

Atlanta Hawks reserve forward Josh Powell was arrested before Saturday’s game for refusing to move his car for an oncoming ambulance.

Triche said Powell was arrested late Saturday afternoon before the Hawks’ 7 p.m. tipoff with Portland. Atlanta police charged Powell with failure to obey an authorized officer who was directing traffic and failure to yield to and obstruction of emergency equipment.

Is this really an offense that required an arrest?

Don’t they have to go find T.I. doing something illegal in ATL or something? Just seems like nitpicking to me, but I bet Powell going forward will pull to the side for Ambulances.

2 thoughts on “Hawks Josh Powell Arrested Before Game in Traffic Incident Outside Arena

  • No respect for authority will usually be rewarded with some sort of penalty – many get that teaching at home, some don't. Just sayin…

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