Interview: Former Georgetown & Hall of Fame Coach John Thompson

The legendary John Thompson took a few minutes from the POWERPROS 3-on-3 Tournament, a grassroots competition put on by POWERADE, to speak to me about a variety subjects.

We talked about the the Fab 5 Documentary, Grant Hill, The perception of the Big East, who he thinks will win the NCAA Tournament and advice to young kids trying to become pros not just in athletics, but in life.

NCAA Hall of Famer John Thompson will return to the sidelines for the first time since his retirement 12 years ago. The local legend is teaming up with POWERADE ION4, the official sports drink of the NCA A Championships, to host a basketball clinic for D.C.-area teams competing in the upcoming “POWERPROS 3 on 3 Tournament”.

Aspiring high school basketball stars will hone their skills under the guidance of Thompson, who will also deliver a chalk talk to the teams on the science behind the game, the importance of preparation and the value of team chemistry.

*photo credit POWERADE*

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  • Good listen. I love Coach Thompson ( I bleed Blue and Grey!!!) I know you were loving that Ohio State endorsement .

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