Jared Sullinger Returning to School Becomes Believable

In today’s one and done college basketball society, it’s rare that you see high school All Americans who were declared pros before they declared their university choice return to college for their sophomore year.  Mock drafters and general managers are going back to the drawing board with news that Ohio State freshman sensation and consensus lottery pick Jared Sullinger has decided to keep his talents in Columbus.

Sullinger’s plans to return were taken with a grain of salt my most after the Kentucky loss, but with news of Sullinger’s parents echoing the same it looks like Buckeye fans have something to celebrate in spite of their Sweet 16 shortcoming.  Per Pete Thamel of the New York Times, Satch Sullinger relayed to him that it can be etched in stone that Sullinger will be imposing his will on the Big Ten for at least one more year before ascending onto the NBA.

Although Sullinger states he didn’t sign on for one year only, statisticians may be able to credit the NBA and it’s questionable labor situation with the assist on this one.  Either way, look for Ohio State to be highly ranked in next year’s preseason rankings and to clash with the up and coming Michigan Wolverines for the Big Ten title in 2012.

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  • He should enter the NBA now while people are talking about him. Would hate for him to end up like some of the players that were on the Illinois team with Dereon Williams that year they went to the NCAA championship.

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